Horseback Riding


Lagoa – ‘Home-rides’:

Our ‘home-rides’ are especially recommended for beginners because they start and end in the Equitur farm and are our more ´simple´rides with easy ways to ride on. You can choose between 1 and 1,5h hour rides. On this rides you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the island, with sea views, riding along ways framed by the traditional azorean volcanic stone walls, small farms with several fruits trees, plants and flowers. 

Halfday rides:


Janela do Inferno:

On this halfday ride we start with an amazing view of the Southcoast and Ponta Delgada. We will ride in between and partly over Cow fields, passing by old farm houses and with good weather you can also see the Island Santa Maria. Furthermore we pass by old tunnels and enter a Fairytale like forest. In the middle of the ride you have the possibility to get off of the horses and look at an old Aquaduct and follow a small path until you reach ‘Janela do Inferno’ – the window to hell.


Pinhal da paz:

Our Half-day ride Pinhal da paz starts on the southcoast of the island with views of Ponta Delgada close to the nature reserve Pinhal da Paz. This ride goes through the typical azorean countryside until we cross over to the northcoast of the island with a wonderful view up until the city of Ribeira grande. The highlight of the ride is the jungle like part which feels like swimming through plants (without dangerous animals). This ride is recommended for beginners and experienced riders alike due to it being the ride with the most possibilities for trotts and canters. For beginners this ride is also available as a shorter version.


Lagoa do Fogo:

This halfday ride leads us up the south side of Lagoa do Fogo. We will ride through a forest area, with a lot of differente plants and flowers, beautiful sea views and the Island of Vila Franca do Campo. At the top of the mountain we get to the crater of Lagoa do Fogo with an amazing view of the ‘Firelake’. On this ride we can especially enjoy the wilderness of the island and we wil see a lot of endemic plants as well. We ride the same way back down, that we rode up. This ride is just suitable for advanced riders (able to do a standing position in gallop and to do rising trott) because this ride is especially difficult for horse and rider (a steap climb) furthermore it is the ride with less canters. A very scenic ride if the weather plays along.

Sete Cidades:

Our Halfday ride located in the west of the island starts ont the rimp of the vulcano. We follow the crater with a magnificent view inside the Caldeira and outside of the ocean and the westcoast of the Island. We reach a beautiful viewpoint of the famous green and blue lake. This ride is just suitable for advanced riders (able to do a standing position in gallop and to do rising trott).


Fullday ride – Pinhal da paz:

Our fullday ride located on the northcoast of the Island starts close to the nature reserve Pinhal da Paz. The ride goes through jungle like areas with nice views of the nature reserve and the northcoast. We also pass by the golfcourse batalha and head down until we reach the steapcliffs at the ocean. We also have our Lunch close to the ocean. While we enjoyed wonderful views and sceneries in the morning, in the afternoon a lot of canters and an adventurous loop in the jungle will await us. The Lunch consists of either a salad or a sandwich, the costumer can choose from a variety of ingredients to create their own salad or sandwich and choose a soft drink as well.